Get the most out of your kennesaw Painting with the right tools!


Paint Edger: This tool is great for cutting edges. Very easy for painting edges of walls and trim!

A Bench: One never knows when they will need that extra boost in height. These are great little tools to give you that extra boost.

Paint Brush

Paint Brush


Paint brushes (Angled): Obviously you will eventually need to paint across some strange angles, and that is exactly what this handy little brush can do for you! With tools like this and the edges, you may never even have to tape off your room before painting!









Paint Pail: Ditch the empty sour cream cups and get a real paint pail. These are designed to be light-weight and allow you to comfortably hold up paint for longer periods of time when you are finishing up that critical spot on the ceiling.

Painting Stick: For those times where you simply cannot reach an area, a 3-4 foot painting stick can give you that extra reach that you need to make sure all areas of your paint project look great.

A good paint guard will also help a lot if you do not want to fuss around with tape. Just move it along with your brush to all the areas that you are painting and watch a beautiful paint job unfold without the need to unroll a single roll of tape!



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